Stitech: industrial expertise

From sport to construction and the environment... Stitech has been manufacturing technical components for over 30 years. We have modern, high-performance manufacturing facilities with flexible production capacities and a supply chain in low-cost areas.

Plastic injection expertise for all industries

Stitech benefits from Stiplastics’ historical expertise in manufacturing technical components for industry. We have recognised expertise in designing and injecting technical plastic components for various areas, including sport, garden furniture, building, water treatment and the environment.

Stitech CoreLoc
Plastic injection of technical components

Modern, high-performance manufacturing facilities

Our equipment fleet is regularly updated to guarantee efficiency and productivity:

  • A 10,000 m2 site in Isère: one dedicated injection plant, and a second for automated assembly (camera controls and automated islands) and storage
  • 23 electric injection presses from 30 to 300 T, including one with laminar flow
  • A dedicated injection press in the test centre

Organisation of production based on Lean Manufacturing

We train our teams in a quality and performance culture on a daily basis:

  • Waste reduction
  • Time savings and increased productivity on production and assembly lines in the plants
  • Storage optimisation
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Customisation options

Our broad range of services adapts to all your standard and bespoke requirements:

  • Digital simulation
  • Development of bespoke machines
  • Assembly and packing in low-cost areas available
  • Mould design and manufacture in Europe or low-cost areas

“Our production methods and flexibility offer you a high-quality, competitive service.”

Lean Manufacturing
Low-cost assembly
Compliance with GMP
Low-cost assembly and packing
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