Stimed: design, development and manufacturing of medical devices

Stimed has developed expertise in manufacturing standard plastic devices and the development of bespoke products, notably in the respiratory, drug administration and pre-analytics areas. Our know-how covers all your needs in relation to manual or intelligent drug delivery systems, pharmaceutical packaging and connected medical devices.

Stimed Standard


A wide range of certified standard dosing products

Sticare Observance division


Production of pharmaceutical packaging and medical devices

Stimed Development


Development of bespoke products in response to customer requests

Stimed Innovation


Individual adaptations of Stiplastics’ products or all-new creations!

The specialist in plastic medical devices

Stimed specialises in developing and manufacturing medical devices for the health industries. We offer standard dosing products (droppers, cups, spoons, nozzles, etc.) and bespoke development of primary or secondary pharmaceutical packaging based on a specification, idea or need. Our professionals in plastic injection, design, marketing and quality/regulatory affairs work together to produce all standard or tailor-made components, with the primary objective of satisfying your needs and making your device tomorrow’s bestseller.

Connected health to support patients

The health sector is no stranger to technological (r)evolutions, hence the emergence of intelligent devices. The aim is primarily health related: preventing diseases, improving care pathways and making them safer. Our engineers are working on the development of connected devices to make everyday life easier for patients and improve their quality of life. Surrounded by outstanding partners whose skills complement ours, we offer health solutions that incorporate innovative technologies such as electronics and fluids. Our design office is on hand to answer your questions, understand your requirements and propose reliable, innovative concepts, which can be developed immediately on an industrial scale. Our understanding of standards and regulatory affairs ensures that all our designs are compliant, including with your own processes.

Stiplastics Healthcaring

SGH Healthcaring Group

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