Stimed Innovation: creating your standard products of the future together

Our teams develop unique devices, driven by the desire to create ever-more innovative products and make patients’ everyday lives easier! Stimed Innovation illustrates our technological, intellectual and organisational know-how.

The user at the heart of product development

Our teams develop products by placing the user at the heart of the creative process. Usage, ergonomics, trends and the specific characteristics of diseases and the issues associated with them are all studied by our designers. Our approach to creating a product focuses primarily on how it will be used, based on the needs and expectations of the end users. We then develop technical solutions, which we use to produce the device.

Creating a personalised medical device

All-new devices on the market

Developing innovative products based on our research into the markets for different devices and making them available to our customers has been in our DNA for over 30 years. We design, create and develop solutions that meet a real market need. They can also become a source of inspiration for your own innovations, adapted to meet specific needs. A quick and effective way of differentiating yourself from other devices and types of pharmaceutical packaging.

Stiplastics has created IoC [Internet of Care]®, a dedicated unit for designing, creating and manufacturing e-health medical devices in response to the changing nature of diseases, different uses and the needs of various actors in the health sector.

We manage your project at every stage, from the initial statement of needs, analyses (functional, risk and use), development, identification and management of additional partners for the potential integration of innovative technologies, concept proposals, graphic design (CAD, simulation and 3D printing), mock-up/prototype, and managing the intellectual property in the finished product (patent, model and trademark).

At the same time, our marketing department can help you develop your business model using market research (round tables and on-site testing in the living lab) to validate products, pricing objectives, target audiences, etc. Once it is delivered to you, your device is ready for marketing.

Innovation for ActiTENS Stiplastics innovation for ActiTENS Stiplastics connects your smartphone to your health
Stimed Innovation

“From the initial idea through to market launch, we support you in managing your project from A to Z”

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