Stimed Development: our expertise in response to your needs

We develop bespoke products based on the customer’s specification. Entrust your project to us and we will deliver you a certified finished product.

Stimed development of medical devices

From requirement to original product

Stimed Development develops bespoke products based on the customer’s specification. From the initial statement of needs through to managing the intellectual property in the finished product, via various creation and analysis stages throughout the development process, Stimed Development deals with the overall design of a tailor-made product that does not currently exist on the market.

In order to offer you the best possible service, our R&D department has all the necessary skills for developing a certified finished product.

  • Our qualified designers work on ergonomics and use to optimise the functionality of each new development.
  • Risks and uses are analysed throughout the development process.
  • Our design tools (CAD, simulation and 3D printing) are used to optimise development.
  • We deal with all intellectual property matters (patents, models and trademarks) and drafting technical documentation for CE marking for medical devices (MDs).
  • Our MDs are designed and developed in accordance with the standards ISO 13485.
  • We work with a range of partners with expertise in technologies that complement plastic moulding, for example for complex products that incorporate electronic or mechanical elements.
Stimed development of medical devices
Stimed development of medical devices
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