Sticare: original solutions for everyday comfort

Our own brands have been designed to make it easier and safer for all users to take their medicines. Designed by health and ergonomics professionals, we offer ranges of devices and tailor-made developments in three areas: observance, respiratory diseases and pre-analytics.

Simple, effective devices for better (self) care

We have developed a range of areas of expertise in the health sector, covering most family pharmacy needs. Our know-how extends beyond industrial expertise and we are driven by our determination to develop real solutions to the problems associated with observance, drug distribution, precision in delivery, ergonomics, comfort and saving time for users. Our experience has led us to create products that have become brands and market leaders, designed to improve the everyday life of patients and carers.

In order to gain a clear understanding of diseases and their treatments, and identify the needs and constraints associated with each, our teams work in close collaboration with patients and health professionals (doctors, pharmacists, occupational therapists, specialists, etc.). As a result, our objective is to create original products, provide missing functionalities and integrate easily into our users’ personal and professional lives, to offer them real benefits.

Sticare Observance division


Pilbox and Doseo pill dispensers

Respiratory division


VisionAIR Plus spacer devices and Rhinophar nasal aspirators

Pre-analytics division


Hemobox biological sample transport solutions

Customised pill dispenser for Mylan

From existing own brands...

Our know-how and knowledge have resulted in several brands marketed directly or via distributors and laboratories. We also develop turnkey products for health professionals in pharmacies, hospitals, medical analysis laboratories and more. All Sticare brands continue to expand their ranges to offer users ever-increasing choice and innovation.

... to tailor-made development

We have all the skills needed in-house to meet your specific needs and support your bespoke developments, with or without a specification. We offer a comprehensive service, from the initial statement of needs right through to marketing. Our design office, marketing department and QSE department work together and are involved throughout the product design process.

E-health: electronic devices to improve observance

Building on our experience in observance and pathologies, we have been working for several years on developing drug delivery devices and introducing smart functionalities.

Among other things, we are developing our smart single treatment solution to improve and increase the safety of administering oral cancer treatments at home. This project includes electronic components and is paving the way to the development of connected solutions for treatments for various conditions.
We are also working on a new pill dispenser in the Pilbox range for people with chronic conditions, taking several medications.

Looking to the future

IoC [Internet Of Care]® will also be involved in the respiratory division, with the emergence of connected devices associated with chronic respiratory diseases.

Stiplastics launches its connected pill dispenser
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