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Following our development of a nasal aspirator and then a spacer device, we are pursuing our long-term commitment to creating medical devices for respiratory diseases.

Medical devices for easier breathing

Our technical and intellectual knowledge, combined with our determination to play an active role in supporting well-being for patients of all ages, has led us to develop two brands to ease rhinopharyngeal and bronchial congestion: Rhinophar and VisionAIR Plus. Our products are designed to improve patient well-being: ergonomic, non-intrusive and easy to use, particularly for delicate actions. We look after the health of all users of our products, especially children.

Medical devices in the Respiratory division

Stiplastics, the nasal aspirator expert

A priceless device!

Babies can catch up to six colds a year, leaving them with runny noses, sneezing and fever! Colds are benign but acute infections and are very common in children. They can occur all year long and are highly contagious. A baby breathes exclusively through their nose until they are six months old and cannot blow their own nose before the age of two or three. Alongside washing their nose, a nasal aspirator helps to clear nasal secretions quickly, simply and efficiently.

ProRhinel nasal aspirator developed by Stiplastics

The leading nasal aspirator

As the designer of the ProRhinel nasal aspirator from Novartis-GSK 20 years ago, we have manufactured and marketed it ever since, in over 22 countries. The experience has steadily increased our interest in this medical device and its application. Because even if nasal hygiene is far from a pleasurable occasion for either parent or child, it is nevertheless essential to your little one’s well-being.

We therefore surveyed health professionals and users, and undertook extensive research to find the best compromise between efficiency, design and cost. And so a new nasal aspirator was born: Rhinophar. Available in France under the Physiodose brand (Laboratoires Gilbert), the product is marketed under different brands in several countries.

Our research is continuing, always with the same drive towards continuous improvement of our devices. Among other things, our teams are working on an electrical nasal aspirator. More technical than a nasal aspirator using mouth suction, it will be more suitable for parents who are comfortable with technology.

VisionAIR Plus: testing and treating respiratory diseases

Respiratory diseases affect the airways, including the nasal passages, bronchial tubes and lungs. One of the most common chronic infections is asthma, which affects over four million people (children and adults) in France. The disease can be serious if it is not managed or treated correctly. Fast-acting or long-term beta-2 agonists and/or corticoids are used for crisis or ongoing treatment, but using an inhaler is not always easy or intuitive. For it to be effective, the user has to coordinate the various actions involved in pressing on the inhaler and breathing in. While it may seem insignificant, many patients, both adults and children, do not use their inhaler correctly. Spacer devices are highly recommended, especially for children, to ensure medicines administered using an inhaler are taken properly.

VisionAIR Plus: the effective, competitive spacer device

The VisionAIR Plus spacer device is the first prescription device in our range of solutions for respiratory conditions. Our references in respiratory diseases such as asthma, allergies or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), combined with our design expertise, means we can offer devices to facilitate and improve the administration of inhaled products. The VisionAIR Plus spacer device was designed to address the issues faced by patients and prescribers more effectively, in terms of both ergonomics and use. It is therefore recognised and approved by health professionals and users for its effectiveness and competitiveness.

Professionals in tailor-made development

Do you have either a vague or clear idea of a product that does not yet exist on the market? We can design it for you from A to Z, from identifying your requirement right through to marketing, including intellectual property management and regulatory registration. Thanks to our experience and in-house skills, we can create an innovative, customised product, incorporating technological functionalities, specific materials, ergonomic, efficient design and more. We develop your project in collaboration with health professionals and users to test and then confirm its usefulness.

VisionAIR Plus VisionAIR Plus for asthma and allergy patients
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