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We have been developing pill dispensers for over 20 years to encourage treatment observance, and make administering and taking medicines easier and safer. Practical, user-friendly and adapted to both the user and their condition, a pill dispenser is your ally in successful treatment.

Pill dispensers to encourage observance

Observance is one of the key factors in successful treatment. Yet according to the WHO, just 50% of patients with chronic diseases follow their prescription. Apart from the increase in health care costs, over €9 billion per year in France, observance failures also have negative effects for the patient, including reducing treatment efficacy, the appearance of risks of complications, and more severe relapses. Simply forgetting, the routine nature of treatment, a lack of commitment to their treatment among patients if they have not been given an adequate explanation, the complexity of treatment regimes and the need to take several medicines or doses a day are some of the most common factors explaining poor adherence. Stiplastics is aware of the issue and has been committed from the outset to making it easier to follow treatments, in particular by producing functional, user-friendly devices such as Pilbox pill dispensers, which are designed with the user in mind from the outset, when the specifications are drafted.

What makes us different? Our close relationship with health professionals and patients, through meetings, studies and round tables. This gives us the opportunity to study their needs and the constraints they face in practice to respond to their requirements as closely as possible. As a result, we can identify the improvements and new developments we need to introduce in our products.

Stiplastics launches its connected solutions

We are working on the development of the connected pill dispenser in response to the fast-growing e-health market. We began the process in 2010 with the launch of the Disdeo project, a smart device for monitoring and aiding observance, in conjunction with Alpwise, Altran Technologies, CEA Grenoble, Inlab and Sanofi. This was the starting point for a new approach. Our knowledge, experience and determination to make an active contribution to improving observance are encouraging us to tackle this new medical and technological challenge.

For over two years, we have been pursuing our research to develop different connected devices to help you take care of your health. Several projects are currently being examined. One of them is a connected solution designed to increase security and improve patients’ observance of their oral oncology treatments. They will be tested in three centres during 2018.

Stiplastics launches its connected pill dispenser

Pilbox, the French leader in pill dispensers

Stiplastics has been designing and producing pill dispensers under the Pilbox brand since 1992. Designed by our marketing and R&D departments, our pill dispensers are based on preliminary studies that look at use, in order to respond as accurately as possible to the problems faced by people taking multiple drugs, among others. Their ease of use and design are studied by our teams to produce items that are both practical and appealing. Produced in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices rules and checked by our QSEdepartment, they meet the production requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. As a result, they are marketed by health professionals in pharmacies, health and beauty retailers and medical equipment stores.

Pilbox pill dispensers

A comprehensive range of high-quality pill dispensers

Pilbox produces a wide range of pill dispensers developed to meet individual needs. Whether someone is taking multiple medications, following a light treatment regime or taking the occasional medicine or food supplement, we have solutions adapted to different types of medication and medical conditions (gel capsules, tablets, blister packs, phials, homeopathic treatments, sachets, etc.). Whether you need a daily or weekly dispenser, they help save time on a daily basis and keep your dose safe. Once you have filled the dispenser with your treatment for the week, you can simply and discreetly take your daily doses at the appropriate time of day. The risks of forgetting or taking too much are significantly reduced and the effectiveness of your treatment improved.

Pilbox pill dispensers

Pilbox, a recognised brand in France and abroad

Pilbox pill dispensers are distributed in over 20 countries.

Diagram of stages from need to finished product

Customisable pill dispensers

From laboratories to distributors and dispensaries...
We can customise your pill dispensers as part of the Doseo range!

Stiplastics has designed the Doseo own-brand range of customisable pill dispensers. This is a range of products based on our knowledge of the behaviours of health care professionals and patients who take multiple medications, and our technical know-how, and developed with the same level of technical expertise and quality as our own products. Doseo offers several models of daily and weekly dispensers and accessories, to organise, store and provide access to the patient’s medicines.

The models already being marketed have been tested and approved by users. Whether you are looking for a promotional option or permanent item for your catalogue, they can be easily customised with your brand. We offer a wide range of customisation options, including colour, logo or slogan marking using pad printing, In-Mould Labelling decoration (depending on model), and bespoke developments based on a specification, such as integrated electronics.

Original, bespoke products to meet your needs

We are also experts in bespoke pill dispenser development, in particular for clinical trials or very targeted treatments. We have developed numerous bespoke models for Sanofi, AstraZeneca, Abbott, the French Armed Forces Pharmacy, Mylan, etc. Whether or not we are working to a specification, we deal with the overall design of the model that will meet your needs. We mobilise all our in-house skills to bring your project to completion, from the statement of requirements to the finished product:

Pilbox pill dispensers manufacturing process
Specific pill dispensers developed and manufactured by Stiplastics
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