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Destination innovation! Our R&D department has all the skills and tools you need to design innovative, beautiful, fully functional products.

Creativity, design and ergonomics

Research and Development in plastic injection Plastic injection feasibility study

Our design process is user-centric. Our industrial developments aim to increase comfort and improve the patient experience in areas such as treatment observance, precision in drug delivery, protection and transport of medical technologies, assistance to healthcare professionals, individualised treatment, etc. Ergonomics and ease of use therefore guide our developments. Our engineers, designers and ergonomics specialists have been an integral part of the business for over 20 years, and work hand in hand to analyse your needs, create and develop concepts, and bring your projects to life.

Our market-leading own brands are now recognised in France and internationally. Your guarantee: your product benefits from the same quality requirements as the ones we set for our own developments.

The Research, Creation and Development department is involved as soon as you set out your requirements or at any other stage of your product development process. It brings expertise and creativity to your projects at a number of different points:

  • Methodology and regulatory analysis: our team carries out functional, life cycle, risk and use analyses. Skills in regulation and standards are an integral part of the department, which ensures that designs are compliant, including with your own processes.
  • Creation: our product designers, design and graphics specialists monitor trends and examine ergonomics to offer you a range of concepts along with their analysis (decision-making) tools. They provide creativity and sensory expertise throughout the product development process, using technologies and materials that in some cases go beyond plastic moulding.
  • Development: plastic moulding experts and engineers, who used to provide advice to the creative teams, are now your dedicated points of contact. They define architectures, implement the technologies identified and scale up the concepts selected.
  • Prototyping: for the last ten years or so, we have been equipped with a rapid prototyping solution (FDM). For other technologies and realistic mock-ups with a very high level of perceived quality (for example, for user testing purposes), we work with a network of partners specialising in fields such as RIM moulding, texturing, painting, etc.
  • Intellectual property: our solid experience in protecting our own designs means we are well positioned to support you in registering models, drafting patents and even registering trademarks. We can also put you in touch with experts who specialise in analysing patentability.
All R&D is at Stiplastics

E-health: solutions for the challenges faced by health care systems

Personalise treatments and provide better support for patients while optimising costs: digital medicine offers numerous advantages for all users and actors in the healthcare system. In order to play our part in the changing world of medicine, we have added the regulatory aspects of designing and producing electro-medical devices to our areas of expertise, in a dedicated unit called IoC [Internet of Care]®.

We adapt our services to meet your needs, taking care of all or part of the design process for your solutions, thanks to our network of partners. They support us in designing and producing electronic components, HMI and software and applications (onboard software, web and mobile applications, etc.).

Collaborative ventures of this kind mean we can incorporate the requirements of standards NF EN 60601 (medical devices) and NF EN 62304 (software for medical devices). As a result, we can ensure the success of compliance assessments to secure regulatory markings.

Design for oncology
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