About us

Stiplastics designs, develops and manufactures standard or smart plastics solutions for the pharmaceutical industries and the health sector.

With over 30 years’ experience, Stiplastics advises and supports its customers at every stage, from statements of requirements to marketing. We offer you creative technical responses and solutions to meet your specific needs.

Pilbox pill dispensers manufacturing processJérôme Empereur,
Stiplastics CEO

“From industrial subcontractor to designer and manufacturer of innovative Medical Devices (MD), Stiplastics is continuing its strategic development. Why the change? Because of the demands of the ever-expanding health sector. We need to offer our customers – key accounts in the pharmaceutical and medical industry – real added value. We have won our customers and retained their loyalty thanks to the quality of our services and unusual offering. The trust they have placed in us for so many years encourages us to strive for excellence. Our market positioning is unique, since in addition to manufacturing plastic solutions, we have the skills to create innovative concepts.

“Our originality is our strength”

Before we begin any new project, we study the disease, dosage, treatment, uses and more. The challenges associated with launching a product on the health market are considerable and we are targeting a broad audience of both health professionals and patients, of all ages. Practices and needs are changing rapidly, which is why design is an integral part of all our creations. We constantly adapt our products to meet your needs. E-health is neither a trend nor a novelty for us, with numerous launches already underway. Stiplastics has solid experience in medical devices and the stringent regulatory framework around them. As a result, our teams have the in-depth knowledge of the functional, technical and regulatory constraints required to develop intelligent medical devices, while placing users at the heart of our innovations.”

Key figures

Stiplastics key figures

Values & commitments

Our mission

More than a manufacturer: a creator. Stiplastics is driven by its determination to ease and improve the everyday lives of the people who use its products. We therefore provide advice and support for all kinds of projects, from the statement of needs through to marketing, introducing and offering simple, attractive products as catalogue items or on request.

Make medical devices and packaging more appealing, make them easier to use, and make life simpler. That’s what drives Stiplastics.

History of Stiplastics

Our commitments

A focus on quality at every level and from the very beginning of every project, with staff regularly trained in Good Manufacturing Practices.

Competent, responsive teams at your service to support you throughout your project.

Providing intelligent innovation has been part of our DNA for decades and is an integral part of our corporate culture.

Cutting-edge manufacturing facilities, with regular replacement of our equipment fleet and tailor-made automation solutions.

Our statement of values

  • Pleasure: Smile and be happy, so that you want to do it again.
  • Boldness: Don’t be afraid to be afraid. Innovate!
  • Rigour: Pride in being meticulous and serious.
  • Commitment: Pursue every mission ambitiously to its end, with no turning back.
  • Team: Support each other and pull in the same direction. Stronger together.
Stiplastics’ statement of values

Stiplastics’ partnerships



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