Successful products don’t happen by chance

Our marketing department is involved right from the start of your project, examining the environment and preparing how to market your product. Our aim: to offer a product that meets a real need.

Pharmaceutical expertise at your service

Driven by our ongoing determination to offer relevant solutions, our teams of experts are always on the look-out for new trends and innovations. All our research is focused on one central element: the user. Our designs anticipate and respond to their expectations in terms of preventive health, well-being, ease of use, practicality and more. Our innovative products are designed for global markets in the health sector and the result of multidisciplinary cooperation among our teams.

The marketing department is a real asset even before the design process for a device starts, carrying out market research and examining users’ needs and competing products. It is therefore well equipped to predict users’ requirements and identify functionalities or even products that do not currently exist on the market, or could be improved. Working closely with our designers, we track trends and produce style books to create contemporary products that combine ease of use and aesthetic appeal.

Pilbox marketing
Handling a Pilbox pill dispenser

User-driven design

Whether it is designed for professional or personal use, each of our products has to be tested by a wide range of users before it is launched on the market.
Round tables with both health professionals and users give us the opportunity to test products at the prototyping phase to confirm patient/user benefits. We also run full-scale tests in the living lab to involve users from the design stage onwards.

IoC [Internet Of Care]®

Devices necessarily change in response to changes in medical conditions, uses and the requirements of various actors in the health sector. They need to be designed in a way that encourages observance, increases the safety of doses and feeds biological or biometric data back to health professionals, so that they can analyse the information and personalise treatments in real time.

As a result, Stiplastics has created the IoC [Internet Of Care]® label and unit dedicated to creating, developing and producing e-health medical devices. We are confident that these products will drive significant improvements in treatment and patient comfort.

Several devices are currently being finalised, all focusing on the well-being of patients at home, one of the major public health issues we face.

Marketing Stiplastics connected medical devices

A turnkey solution

Whether the product is being developed as an own brand or distributor brand, we take care of producing the business plan to demonstrate the viability of your project. We will offer you a concept that has been rigorously market tested.
We also have the skills and resources to design all the communications materials you need to market your product – packaging, display stands, flyers, catalogues, etc. – within a short time frame.

Marketing Stiplastics medical devices
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