Pilbox: Cardio pill dispenser - January 2017

Pilbox celebrates the start of the new year with its new, portable pill dispenser: the Pilbox Cardio.

The new dispenser is designed for treating and monitoring cardiovascular diseases. The weekly dispenser, which features seven separate modules with four compartments in each, can be used to store and keep track of pills and sachets. It is therefore designed for people taking treatments that include several different medicines. It also has two storage areas, one for sachets (or items such as health or top-up insurance and blood-group cards) and another for prescriptions, as well as a handy jotter for noting down medical information.

This compact, easy-to-use pill dispenser helps our customers to keep track of their treatments and remember when to take them, making it ideal for people who are active and on the move. Its imitation leather design and new powder pink and grey colours make it an on-trend accessory.

And as an added bonus: the magnetic clasp is easy to manipulate and the new dispenser adapts easily to different numbers of sachets.

Find the new Pilbox Cardio on www.pilbox.co.uk.

The Pilbox pill dispenser for heart conditions